“Our budget was the most important factor when building our home.  It was important to use to work with a builder that would stay within our budget.  We were very comfortable work with Kelley Developments.  We always felt like Lance wanted to meet our needs, and stay within our budget while not compromising the integrity of the home.  Our home is beautiful.  We enjoyed the process and the end result is a home that we love.”

“When we decided to build our home the materials and construction were really important to us.  We wanted a home that was built correctly with quality materials.  Before we even met with Lance, we had already been to our lot, walked it, and was familiar with it.  We were impressed that he was prepared.  It is plain to see that Kelley Development stresses quality and they care out their clients.”

“The process of building our home with Kelley Developments was so easy.  It was actually enjoyable.  There were certain aspects of the house that were important to us, like the kitchen.  Lance really listened to what our vision was and made it a reality.  We are so happy with the outcome.  There are details in our home that we had never seen before.  When our friends and family first saw our new home they were amazed at how it turned out.”

“We absolutely love the beautiful blend of luxury and sensibility our new home offers.  The floor plan is cozy, yet great for accommodating large family gatherings.  All this featured by an outdoor living area that can be used year around and a wow kitchen that includes everything we dreamed.  State of the art energy efficient equipment and construction techniques reduce energy costs without sacrificing comfort.  Kelley Developments continues to stand behind their product as after market responsiveness has been completely customer oriented and timely.”